Dr. Herman Taylor

Dr Taylor, epidemiologist and cardiologist with an interest and expertise in CVD disparities is the current Endowed Chair and Director of the Cardiovascular Institute of the Morehouse School of Medicine. He is a graduate of Princeton University and Harvard Medical School and has been involved in the clinical practice of primary care, internal medicine, invasive and preventive cardiology over the span of his career. In addition, he has developed a substantial research career, beginning with his early contributions to the literature on coronary disease treatment disparities, in which he showed under-utilization of invasive procedures, delay in treatment and a higher frequency of mis-attribution of angina symptoms to non-cardiac etiologies among minority patients-factors contributing to poorer outcomes.

Between 1998 and 2014, he was the inaugural director of the Jackson Heart Study. In establishing the Jackson Heart Study, Taylor guided the development of remarkable collaborations among disparate scientists and institutions, the African American community of Jackson MS, and leading NIH Institutes, thereby generating information on an understudied population, catapulting it into one of the world’s most significant repositories of information on CVD in a high-risk population and making it a hub of international scientific collaboration. Additionally, under his leadership, the study leveraged resources to enhance capacity and training opportunities for minority students, many of whom have entered the biomedical research and clinical medicine workforce with advanced understanding of key issues in health equity.

Taylor’s recent innovative work on resilience explores cardiovascular health in the face of adverse social and biological conditions, an understudied aspect of minority health and has attracted funding from the National Science Foundation and American Heart Association.